An in-ground swimming pool can provide you and your family much fun in the sun until something stops working like it should. We at Bonnema Pools have the experience and knowledge to repair all your swimming pool problems. The most common problems seen with in-ground swimming pools are:

Pool Leaks
Leaks can occur with any type of material used in an in-ground swimming pool. You will know you have a leak because your water level will begin to decrease. Even a small hole can drain out your pool. Let Bonnema Pools detect and fix your pool leaks.

Pump Problems / Filter Problems
Performing regular maintenance on your pump and cleaning your pool filter regularly will help eliminate having pump issues. Pumps that are not maintained properly will burn themselves out more quickly than if maintenance is done of a regular basis. If you have not maintained your filter or chemical balance in your pool properly then you might have some issues like cloudy water. If you are having pump or filter problems then give us a call and we will address the issue.

Equipment Issues
Any equipment in your in-ground swimming pool can require repair. Pool lights will need to be changed periodically, railings and ladders can be damaged and need repairs. Regular inspection and good maintenance are the keys to keeping problems to a minimum.

Other Swimming Pool Repairs
• Pressure Testing
• Under Ground Plumbing Repairs
• Heater Repairs
• Patch Work for Cracks in Concrete Pools
• Tile Repair and Replacement
• Skimmer Problems
• Wall Shifts & Collapses
• Painting
• Concrete Repairs
• Fiberglass Repairs

If you don’t find your repair issue listed above then give us a quick call to see if we can address the issue.

Pool Cleaning

• Weekly Pool Cleaning
• Bi-Weekly Pool Cleaning
• Vacation Pool Cleaning
• One Time Pool Cleaning