We have very reasonably priced maintenance plans that are focused on providing you with a stress free pool season so you can enjoy your swimming pool with your family.

Pool openings and closings: If done incorrectly can cause damage and cost more than most customers realize. You can count on Bonnema Pools to deliver quality service that you can trust.

Pool Service Includes:

  • Vacuum the floor
  • Skim the surface and bottom
  • Brush the walls
  • Empty the pump baskets
  • Backwash the filter as needed
  • Empty the skimmer baskets
  • Check the auto cleaner operation
  • Empty cleaner bag
  • Check pool equipment and valves
  • Check operation of filter
  • Test and balance the chemicals

Each service listed above is performed as needed depending on the condition of the pool.

Party preparations: When you are going to have a party you are going to need the right chemistry of chemicals in your pool. Correct chemistry = great events. Frequent use of your pools means you will needTLC. Tender Loving Care. Your swimming pool needs to be treated before and after a party.

Vacation care: When you go on vacation or if you are out of town for a few days, don’t worry about your pool. We can take care of it and make sure that everything is okay.

Maintenance on a call: You shouldn’t be embarrassed or frustrated with any unexpected problems. We are always here to help you. Most situations can be resolved right over the phone. Please don’t hesitate to call us if an issue should occur.

Repairs: We repair everything from old broken lines and equipment, fallen off ceramic tile and paint jobs, and any leaks that you may have. We have the resources and the experience to professionally return your pool back to working order.

Pool Cleaning

• Weekly Pool Cleaning
• Bi-Weekly Pool Cleaning
• Vacation Pool Cleaning
• One Time Pool Cleaning