How To Vacuum Your Pool With A Sand Filter

• First turn off your heater if it is on. You don’t want it cycling. • Shut off pump and clean out your pump basket and skimmer baskets. • Put your pump basket back in correctly. • Backwash your filter.... more

How To Prime Your Pump

• While pump is off, remove your pump lid and add water until you pump is full. • Put the lid back on and be sure that the o-ring under the lid is still in place. • Turn on the... more

How To Backwash Your Sand Filter

• First turn off your pump. • Turn handle on top of filter until the notch points to backwash. • Turn the pump back on. • Let it run for 2 min or until the water in the sight glass on back of the filter is clear. • Shut off your pump and turn the handle on top of the filter to rinse. • Turn on the pump and let... more

How To Clean Out The Pump Basket

• Turn off the pump and remove pump lid. • Clean out basket and make sure it goes back in correctly. • Put pump lid back on and be sure the o-ring under the lid stays in place. • Turn... more

Pool Tip Tuesdays

• Make sure your pump basket is always clean. • Make sure your skimmer baskets are always clean. • If either are filled with debris then they can slow down your pump flow. • You should net off the top of your pool. • Vacuum the pool weekly. • Check the pool chemistry at least once to twice a week. • Chlorine level should be at 1.0-3.0 • Ph level... more

Pool Cleaning

• Weekly Pool Cleaning
• Bi-Weekly Pool Cleaning
• Vacation Pool Cleaning
• One Time Pool Cleaning