How To Vacuum Your Pool With A Sand Filter

• First turn off your heater if it is on. You don’t want it cycling.

• Shut off pump and clean out your pump basket and skimmer baskets.

• Put your pump basket back in correctly.

• Backwash your filter. To do this you must turn the handle on top of the filter until the notch is on backwash. Then turn on the pump for 2 minutes or when your site glass is clear. Next shut off your pump and turn the filter handle to rinse. Turn on pump for 15 seconds. Then shut off the pump and turn the filter handle to filter.

• Next you should shut off your main drain. To do this just turn the handle in front of your pump to the position where it says off main drain.

• Connect your pole to your vacuum head, then the hose to the vacuum head. Put the vacuum head into the pool and begin filling the hose up with water. When this is done you must close one of your skimmers with the flap that is on the bottom of your skimmer. Now put the end of your vacuum hose onto your vacuum plate and place it in the other skimmer with the skimmer basket.

• Turn on the pump. You are ready to vacuum your pool!

• When you are finished you can pull the vacuum out of the pool and out of the skimmer. Clean out your skimmer baskets and open up your main drain by the pump.

• Backwash your pool at the end of every cleaning.

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